Mar 14, 2023 Create a Master-Detail Report with a Subreport.

Embed the Subreport; Get the Result; Create a Master Report.

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Step 4 Below is the dataset used for the Subreport. This example demonstrates how to implement a master-detail report using Subreports without parameter bindings but through the BeforePrint event of the XRSubreport. This can be useful if there is a particular report structure (template) that needs to be.

OnBeforePrint (e); Get your xml here var dataSet new DataSet (); using (var reader new. Assistant Messages containing the completions or responses.



. This step ties both reports together by using a SubReport to display the details and by passing the current ProductCategoryID from each record of.

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Apr 25, 2011 You can add a BeforePrint script to the subreport control to set its properties according to the currently processed master object.


NET relationships or if you want to associate the Subreport control with a detail report you use.

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. Step 3 Create another report which is Subreport with Contact details. Parameters "Id". You can create such reports when master-detail relationships are defined between data source tables The Detail Report band is a separate report (subreport) with its own data source and different. . Substring(crTable.

Apr 6, 2022 Create a Report in Code.

Troubleshooting. .

This project performs the following tasks Create the main report that lists products grouped by category.


We have defined some header and footer information on the master report with a subreport control in the detail.

This demo illustrates how to use the Subreport control to create master-detail reports.

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